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     Hula Wave Surf Boards are premium surfboards built to satisfy the demands of surfers of every skill level and athletic ability for a lifetime of surfing enjoyment. We specialize in building funboards and longboards and cater to surfers ranging from beginner to expert. Every Hula Wave funboard and longboard is hand shaped, artistically crafted, finely glassed, and gloss polished to bring you a technically superior surfboard with performance and aesthetic appeal in mind. Hula Wave Surf Boards are designed to enable the continual progression of your surfing skills and are intended to enhance your entire surfing experience. We want you to embrace every opportunity you have to paddle out, because we believe that surfing should be special, and surfing should be shared!
~Enjoy the wave~


Funboards surfboards Funboards, otherwise known as funshapes, hybrids, malibus, mini-mals, or eggs, are excellent mid-sized surfboards for any skill level surfer. Funboards are designed to combine stability and versatility, and are a must-have for any quiver.


Longboards surfboards Longboards embody one of the most classic forms of the modern surfboard. Whether you are a surfing novice, enjoying a leisurely session with friends, or an experienced nose-rider, every surfer loves a good longboard day.


Funboards surfboards Save cash on surfboards or get discounted accessories for your Hula Wave funboard, longboard or SUP board. We know that your budget is important when it comes to surfing, so we'll always have a current deal available to make it easier for you to get in the water!


Longboards surfboards Learn about our superior quality and the meticulous attention to detail that we invest into every Hula Wave surfboard. See how DuraFlex epoxy research technology will allow you to develop your surfing skills and bring you a lifetime of surfing fun!
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