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About Hula Wave Surf Boards

     Based out of San Diego County, California, Hula Wave is a surfboard manufacturer and distributor with a concentration on mid-sized and longer surfboards. Specializing in surfboards that range from 7 to 9 feet in length, these boards are often called funboards, funshapes, eggs, speed eggs, malibus, mini-mals, hybrids, mini longboards and longboards, and they are designed to provide sufficient volume to surf on smaller waves while incorporating advanced shapes that allow maximum maneuverability. We also take pride in creating some of the most beautiful and aesthetically intricate surfboards on the market. We employ some of the best illustration and layout artists in the industry, because we believe that a surfboard should look good both in and out of the water. All of our production surfboards are hand airbrushed and finished by a team of reproduction artists who re-create the work of our original illustrations. You might notice that other manufacturers use very basic artwork and designs, or you might see several different brands with exactly the same board design Ė this is because they donít take the time to produce their own graphics because it is easier and cheaper for them to use templates that have over-saturated the industry. Hula Wave surfboards use unique proprietary designs in order to bring you a surfboard that will outperform other boards, and truly get noticed. Weíll spare no expense to bring you the best looking board on the beach, because we know that when you feel good ABOUT your surfboard, youíll feel good ON your surfboard!

     Hula Wave Surf Boards are designed to be excellent surfboards for surfers of all skill levels, ranging from unexperienced to advanced based on our progressive board outlines and hydrodynamic bottom shaping. Hula Wave Surf Boards are manufactured from the highest quality materials and each board is hand shaped within the strictest tolerances of the original master shape to ensure uniformity of performance in the water. Hula Wave surfboards are constructed from a hand shaped EPS core using DuraFlex epoxy resin technology. Our surfboards are significantly lighter and stronger than traditional fiberglass surfboards, and proportionally lighter and stronger than most contemporary epoxy boards. DuraFlex curing and resin technology creates a remarkably strong and durable lightweight surfboard that maintains responsiveness, flexibility and turnability. Hula Wave surfboards are made for surfers of all skill levels and are intended to provide a fun experience in nearly any wave. Our progressive shapes, outlines and contours are extremely forgiving to allow beginners to develop their skills and comfort in the water, and are versatile enough to provide a fast and maneuverable ride for intermediate and advanced surfers.

     We know that you have a lot of choices of manufacturers when you are shopping for funboards and longboards, but we guarantee that our surfboards are premium products superior to most of the boards that you will find from other retailers. Many manufacturers donít concentrate on their funboards and longboards, and they use extremely basic designs and shapes with minimal contours and tuning, mediocre fin systems, and cost-efficient production and finishing methods. Please understand that you might find a product with similar general specifications for a better price from another vendor, but you will definitely get what you pay for. If you are not sure as to the quality of a product in another line, you can ask certain questions to help understand whether they are selling inferior goods. Do they list (or even know) nose and tail measurements, and are those measurements consistent to 1/10 of an inch of the master design? Do their boards incorporate shaped bottom contours and tuned rails, or are their board bottoms mostly flat or single contours (no nose, mid and tail concave variations)? Does their glassing/curing process involve 4 formulated epoxy layers with glossy heat curing, or do they use one type of resin and leave a sanded (un-glossed) finish. Do they use a premium fin system such as Future fins and provide you with genuine name brand fins, or do they use a more generic or "compatible" fin system and provide you with 'knock-off' compatible fins and fin boxes? All of these questions can be asked to determine whether other vendors are selling premium products, or if they are willing to sell more cost effective and lower quality products in order to increase their profit margins. At Hula Wave, our use of premium materials and involved construction processes is a testament to our rigorous adherence to the quality of every single surfboard, and we believe that a more informed customer is a happier customer, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you have about Hula Wave products.

     Every order placed on www.Hulawave.com will be shipped within 24 business hours of the completion of your cleared payment. All of our surfboards will be packed professionally and are insured and guaranteed to arrive in perfect unused condition. Our shipping fees are EXACTLY our packaging materials costs plus the charge that our courier bills us for each shipment, so you are not paying any shipping surcharges or handling fees. All of our orders are processed and shipped by our distribution company, DBS International. DBS is operated by a network of local sales representatives who distribute our products in their respective areas. Your surfboard purchase will be processed and shipped by one of our authorized local sales representatives, and if you choose to pick-up your board, you can do so at the nearest representative's location with your items in stock. If you have questions, please email us with your name, email address, telephone #, location and the products that you want to purchase, and we will notify you of your shipping or pick-up options. Our network of representatives work from their homes, home offices, small businesses, retail stores, marketplaces and local beaches, as we take a grass-roots approach to the promotion and distribution of our surfboards. If have any questions, or if you are a surfing enthusiast, store owner or distributor who is interested in working with Hula Wave Surf Boards, please email us at surfboards@hulawave.com for more information.
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